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Silicone Greases

Silicone Greases are PDMS Silicone Grease Compounds that are formulated for a wide range of applications. They are characterized by their wide service temperature range, high thermal stability, low temperature stability, hydrophobic nature, high dielectric strength, excellent lubricity, inertness to virtually all components, and insulation against corrosion and moisture.

Silicone Grease Compounds are formulated from 100% synthetic sources and inhibit growth of mold, fungus and bacteria. They are used for lubricating O-rings, gaskets, valves and seals as well as surfaces that require excellent lubricating properties over long periods without drying out. They cling to the surfaces and withstand frequent hose-down and wash-downs without requiring re-application.

Our Silicone Grease Compounds are available in 3 different stiffness ratings, NLGI#1 (least stiff), NLGI#2 (medium stiffness) & NLGI#3 (very stiff).