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Industrial Lubricants


cutting-fluid-pic.jpgIndustrial Lubricants Industry lubricants Industrial lubricants are used in a large variety of equipments and applications. This deals with all types of products destined for the lubrication of industrial machines, such as hydraulic systhems, turbines, compressors, bearings, open and closed gears, machine tool slideway, pneumatic tools and industrial transmissions. In all these categories, the one which has the most volumes is represented by the hydraulic oils which are used in the hydraulic controls of building machinery, industrial plants, etc. Usually these fluids are containing antiwear agents to minimize wear of the pumps. In general, the inserting of additives in industrial lubricants, except for products with special applications, is not very high (maximum 5%), but that which is fundamental is the balance between the various additives in order to reach some particular performance. These products, besides satisfying certain chemical-physical requirements, in many cases must also pass tribological rig test (with reference to friction and wear) or test on equipment which simulates the real life use and on which a critical component is installed (for example, pumps for hydraulic circuits). In the area of industrial lubricants are also classified other products with special applications such concrete mold oils, transform oils (insulating oils), heat treatments and heat transfer oils. The specifications of the sector are from institutions (ISO, IEC, DIN, BS etc.) or from manufactures of components or machines (EATON VICKERS, DAVID BROWN, DENISON, ALSTHOM, SIEMENS, etc.).